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The pilot for "I Love Lucy" is now available on video-cassette for all to see, but before its great video release, nobody had any access to the entire, rare, recording of Lucy and Ricky's first on-screen debut...

   In 1949, at the dawn of television, CBS offered film actress Lucille Ball her own television program. Though Lucy was excited by the new medium, she told CBS that she would only do it if her husband, Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz, could be her co-star. CBS had more of an all-American couple in mind, and they flatly turned her down.
   Not one to take no for an answer, Lucy raised $5000 and, together with Desi, produced a pilot. That historic show did not air...but it contained all of the elements that would make
I Love Lucy an instant hit, and it convinced CBS to sign the deal. On October 15, 1951, I Love Lucy debuted on CBS and the rest is TV history.
   The original footage for the pilot was given to Desi's friend, the actor who played a key role in the story...Pepito the Clown. Now on home video, Desi's gift to Pepito becomes a gift to all of us.
I Love Lucy: The Very First Show is hosted with pride and affection by Lucie Arnaz and features interviews with Lucy and Desi as well as an enlightening interview with the legendary writers of I Love Lucy, Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Carroll, Jr.
- CBS Video

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