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Online since February 2, 1999.

Welcome to The Tropicana Nightclub!
There are a few things about this web site that should be mentioned to you, the visitor…
   1) This site does not make any profit from any services or merchandise. It is strictly a
       personal fan web site.
   2) I am not affiliated with Desilu, too., CBS or any other organization which corresponds with
       the likeness of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
   3) If there is any content or material on this site which should not be here, please inform me
       and I will determine that it disappears instantly.

Contacting The Webmaster/Creator
For more information about the creator/webmaster of this web site, click here.
To contact the creator/webmaster, the proper email address is:

Information About Resources
   All of the photos and most of the information on this web site have been received from related books, personal objects and the personal intellect of the creator. The graphics on this web site which pertain to The Tropicana Nightclub have been created by the creator with hopes of entertaining online visitors.
   Please keep in mind that no material from other web sites has been published here without proper credit or notification, and the same respect for material on this site should be applied.
There are many Lucy fan sites which use the online work of other Lucy fans, and this is simply not fair to the original creators. Join the Lucy team of anti-plagiarism.

Search The Site
   Are you having trouble finding what you are looking for, or you just don't have the time to browse through the entire site? Search for what you are looking for with the new search engine. If you are still having problems, feel free to email The Tropicana Nightclub with your requests!

Lucy Fans Section & Features
   The Tropicana Nightclub has added a new feature especially for Lucy fans online who enjoy expressing their enthusiasm in Lucy through artwork, literature and photos. The work of these Lucy fans which has been showcased on the site are strictly the property of those Lucy fans and their material cannot be used in any other format without their permission. In order to receive their permission, you must contact them or contact the Tropicana for more information.
   Lucy fans of all ages can participate in this exciting feature by sending in their artwork, literature or photos which express their interest in Lucy. Send anything here.

Links & Web rings
   The Tropicana Nightclub attempts to promote the many Lucy web sites online. If you have a web site that is not listed in the link directory, feel free to send it.
   The Tropicana Nightclub is a member of several different Lucy related web rings. Click here.

Site Updates
   This site is updated at leastSince the creator of this website is subject to school hours on every weekday, limited updates are made to the site. However, it is updated quite often during the summer. If you have suggestions for site updates, by all means, feel free to send them in.

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