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Name: (online) rm

Age: 19

Location: Canada


I love Lucy, too...
     Staying up late one night, I came across "I Love Lucy" and decided to sit and watch it since there was nothing else on. I have always been appealed by the glamorous 1950s and all of the movie stars, and I became interested in the television industry of the 1950s at this time. "I Love Lucy" proved to be a very interesting show, and I thought it was the funniest show I had ever seen on television.
     "I Love Lucy" proves to be the most popular and successful situation comedy of the twentieth century, whether it is compared to television shows of its own time, or television shows that are being aired on television today. It is without any doubt that all situation comedies have learned and borrowed techniques and written material from "I Love Lucy".
     Putting this website on the internet turned out to be a great accomplishment, as I am well obsessed with 'Lucy' to this day. This website is for my personal hobbies and fulfillment as a Lucy fan, and it is of no commercial use or promotion. Although other fans may observe my young age and believe that I have little experience in the world, I am proud to announce that "I Love Lucy" has encouraged me to distill my views in this matter. I now perceive that "I Love Lucy" fans are of all ages, young and old, and I am rightfully included.
My visit to Jamestown
     When I arrived in Jamestown, New York, one summer day, I noticed that the Lucy-Desi Museum was a little bit smaller than I had expected, however, inside the museum, there were more than enough tid-bits and Lucy articles to satisfy myself. While I was there, I purchased the most Lucy items I have ever purchased at one time in my entire life being a Lucy fan. These items included two porcelain dolls and other items like picture frames, alarm clocks, t-shirts, photos, etc. The clerk who was working there that day told me that I spent the most money there ever. Although spending my money isn't an accomplishment in itself, all I was concerned about was that I got as much Lucy stuff as I could.
Why is "I Love Lucy" so great?
     I'm not attempting to answer this question, however, I will provide my opinion on the success of the show and why I enjoy it so much. The show has ideal situations and characters. There are an ideal number of characters, a perfect characterization process and plots and schemes that are fulfilling, humorous and satisfying. My favorite character is obviously 'Lucy', second comes 'Ricky' (the arrogant Desi Arnaz, who I admire greatly), and then follow 'Ethe' (Vivian Vance) and 'Fred' (William Frawley). Without this television program, there would be no success in television, and without success in television, viewers and families would have no place to resort to for convenient entertainment in their own home.

As the creator...
     As the creator of this web site, I would like to give my thanks to all of the other Lucy sites (and the people behind them), which have been tremendously wonderful and informative sources for Lucy fans. It was only in February of 1999 when I began this site, and today, it is accepted as a part of the online Lucy community - yet, another tribute to the world's favorite television comedienne Lucille Ball and her Cuban, bandleader husband Desi Arnaz. Their main project in life, "I Love Lucy", is probably the most popular and one of the most successful television series of all time. For this reason, I am alike other fans who, at seventeen years of age, proudly promotes my obsession.
     Acknowledgements go out to the many Lucy sites which have built a strong, online Lucy community, all of the resources which have provided us fans with evidence of our obsession with Lucy, and of course, all of the people which have made moments in Lucy history possible.

     Thank you for visiting and supporting this site as part of the online Lucy community. If there are any questions, comments, or by all means, suggestions for improvement on this site, please email me at


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