One day while Desi was playing cards with a friend, he had a strange instinct to return to his home. Not knowing what was telling him to go there, when he arrived, there was chaos occuring in his town. Riots - burning down houses and sabotaging the whole city. They even put his father in jail. Desi quickly gathered anything and everything he could find - but there simply was no time. His family flew from their home, only to return to it when it was shattered and burnt down.

   The misery had half gone by when Desi and his father went to Miami, Florida in the United States. There, Desi went to school to learn the English language, and started working. Him and his father started a rather interesting "mosaic tile" business, fooling people that it was the latest trend for fireplaces. Desi would run over ceramic bowls and plates and gather the tiny pieces for making a fireplace texture. They made their money off of that for a very short while.

DESI the B A N D  L E A D E R

Desi soon discovered music and nightclubs for himself. He trusted that his musical talent would be extraordinarly exceptional for nightclub performing, but he didn't have a band. Befriending fellow band leader Xavier Cugat, he began his escapade and journey into the world of music and entertaining, beginning at nightclubs and performing on a regular basis. His love for Latin rythms helped him sway his audience each time, as he introduced a rhumba rhythm wherever he performed, however, Cugat was not much help.

   He promised him success - he sent him a group of musicians that were supposed to be fit for Desi's rhumba band. Instead, Desi received a group of men with various international background with no knowledge for Latin rythyms or rhumbas.

   Now that Desi had this multi-culture band, his music was not going to sound very good, however, Desi managed to shape things up and became a hot spot in nightclubs, that is, after he found himself a better band, which lead to his following Broadway role and film role in "Too Many Girls".


   When "I Love Lucy" and the "Lucy Desi Comedy Hours" were complete, the divorce between Lucy and himself would soon be settled. His drinking problems became effectively dangerous to those around him, especially Lucy herself and the kids. After the divorce, Desi often visited his children and payed regular visits to Lucy as well, as they had remained quite friendly in their later years.

   In 1963, Desi married Edith Hirsch. He remained in California, and built many of his household resources: a pool, etc. He seemed to be quite fond of the peaceful life, just as he had as a child.

   In 1976, Desi's interesting autobiography "A Book" was released. The world soon came to acknowledge the fact that Desi was a great man of production - not just the 'Ricky Ricardo' they see on television, or, the 'Babablu' Latin singer.

   Diagnosed with lung cancer in 1986, Desi Arnaz died on December 2nd of that year.

   Desi Arnaz spent his childhood happily in Santiago, Cuba. Amidst the breeze of the ocean, and the pleasure of travelling through it on boats, he learned to love and appreciate life, as he lived it to its fullest.

   Desi was the only 'prince' in the family. He had no brothers or sisters, however, his father was a big personality in his town, as he was the mayor. However, Desi's family would soon be troubledů

E A R L Y  Y E A R S


   Desi met Lucille Ball on the set of "Too Many Girls". After an evening of fun [after Desi invited her to a nightclub with some friends], they met each other again and from then on, they would meet all of the time. Their relationship was very stormy. They would be miles and miles apart, yet send telegrams to each other, and telephone each other every single day. When they got into arguments on the phone, even the operator would attempt to smoothen things out between them.

   Desi had the idea of marriage after a short while, and attempted an elopement without Lucy's immediate consent, however, she agreed after she found out that he disagreed about living together. He wanted to get married, and he wanted children.

   The couple finally eloped on November 30, 1940 in Connecticut, and were showered with love and gifts upon their return from their many many fans.

   Desi's marriage would bring Lucie and Desi Jr., as well as a lovable relationship with Lucy and a fabulous career in the television business, not only as a hard-working producer and director, but also as TV's funniest straight man as Ricky Ricardo in "I Love Lucy".