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A note from the Tropicana...

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,
The Tropicana Nightclub has been presented with a small conflict concerning the well being of worthy sites and the act of plagiarism. There has been an account of plagiarism on particular sites, of which names will not be stated. Various Lucy fans online are very disappointed about this issue, as it is plain to acknowledge the fact that fans have used the hard work of others in order to produce their very own product of which they somehow claim is theirs.
The Tropicana would like to state that the Site of the Week Award has previously been awarded to websites pertaining to such acts as this, however, it was presented without and before further knowledge of this issue which had not been encountered or publicly stated online at the time.
Please keep in mind that we did not award those actions, as a matter of fact, we do not appreciate them in any way. The award was only given before these issues were confronted or familiar to us.
I hope that these issues can and will be resolved completely in the near future. Thank You.

The Tropicana Nightclub

If you have any comments about these issues, please feel free to share them.
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