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Stage Name: Richard Keith
Date of Birth: December 1 1950
Birth Place: Lafayette, Louisiana
Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Keith Thibodeaux was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. He had a French background and had a love for drums ever since he was born. Starting with the bang of a spoon, his father recognized a potential talent in his son, and Keith developed his drumming abilities quite quickly. At the age of four, Keith had his first real drum set and displayed his drumming talent superbly. After performing at an amateur hour, Keith joined a band and made several appearances in New York. He soon found his most stunning role in "I Love Lucy"...

When Lucy told Ricky she was going to have a baby, it was a milestone in the history of television. Viewers all over the world were obsessed with the Arnaz family and their newborn so - on and off television!
When the sixth season of "I Love Lucy" was being arranged for, plans for 'little Ricky' were emerging. The babies used in previous seasons were not the right prescription for the new season. Little Ricky had to be a few years old by this time, and so the crew set out looking for the perfect match.

In May 1956, interviews for the role of 'little Ricky' on "I Love Lucy" took place, however, nobody qualified. While in town to perform in a band, Keith Thibodeaux (aka Richard Keith - was his stage name) was classified as "The World's Tinniest Professional Drummer", at the age of only five. Keith's father heard about the Desilu search for a new 'little Ricky' and brought Keith to the casting department. Keith's father's favorite show was "I Love Lucy", and his goals to see the studio were just as equal to his goals to make his son a part of the show.
After meeting Desi Arnaz, Keith was signed on to the "I Love Lucy" cast. His drumming abilities and his similar looks to Desi Arnaz got him the role for about $461 a week. Keith's stage name was developed: Richard ('Ricky') Keith as a more American approach.

Keith was a frequent visitor at the Arnaz home. Befriending their children, especially Desi Arnaz Jr. (the actual little 'Ricky'), he caused a slight, unconscious competition between himself and Desi Jr. Lucy and Desi did not want to single out Lucie, so they did not include Desi Jr. in the show. Keith's appearance on the show often confused Desi Jr.
Also, Keith's crediting on the shows were not exactly fulfilled. On the Lucy Desi Comedy Hours, he was being mentioned as 'Little Ricky' instead of Richard Keith, and on the "I Love Lucy" show, he was not even billed.
When Keith completed his appearances on the "I Love Lucy" show as well as the "Lucy Desi Comedy Hour" episodes, he made guest appearances on a couple of other television shows and continued with his drumming and performing arts.

Keith has written an autobiography entitled "Life After Lucy which focuses on his experiences with the Arnaz family and the "Lucy" gang, as well as his life as a drummer and his experiences in the field of music.
Keith has also been a beneficial resource for such places as the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, New York. Just this year, he participated in a seminar there, and he also appears at the Annual Lucy Conventions each year in California. Keith has a daughter and is still entertaining people with dance groups and drums.

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