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Are there any sources for actual "I Love Lucy" scripts?
There are not any complete sources online, however, the book Laughs, Luck and Lucy (by Jess & Gregg Oppenheimer) has a few script excerpts and inside information. More info...

Did Desi Arnaz ever write a song for Lucy?

On their honeymoon, Desi wrote a few lyrics for her, however, they were never used in an official song.

What was Lucy's original hair color?
According to her references in "I Love Lucy", her hair color was a 'mousy brown'. This is fairly accurate…

Who was Lucy engaged to when she met Desi?
Lucy was engaged to Alexander Hall, an older director.

What are some of Lucy's addresses?

- 69 Stewart Street (Jamestown)
- 1845 Ogden Road (Celoron)
- 8th Street (Celoron)
This is now Lucy Lane

Who receives all of the 'rerun' profits for "I Love Lucy"?
1) CBS, who owns images of the show
2) Viacom, also owns images
3) Desilu, too. (Lucie and Desi Arnaz Jr.)

Where did the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League meet in "I Love Lucy"?
The girls never met on Wednesday, and they usually met in Lucy or Ethel's apartment.

How can I link to this website?
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Where did you go to make this website?
Nowhere. I use Microsoft Publisher 98 with a personal and manual touch.

What program do you use for the graphics?
I use Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0, which is not the greatest program for graphic design, however, it is good enough.

When is the new Fan of the Month posted?
The Fan of the Month is posted near the end of the month (during the last week of the month, or first week of the next month). Usually, the Fan of the Month is based on the current month, for instance, the next Fan of the Month will be for next month.

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