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   This is the moment you have been waiting for -- there has not been a proper "Fan of the Month" at The Tropicana Nightclub since the summer of 2000. We have decided to select the ten best candidates of all submissions to be awarded "Fans of the Year" instead.
   Select a winner to view their profile, and to find out about how they got into 'Lucy' and what sort of fans they really are.
   If you did not win this time around, be sure to hang in there. Do not re-submit yourself unless you would like to drastically change all of your previously submitted information. There will be more selections of "Fan of the Month" in the near future, which will likely be selected from other previous submissions, including yours!
   Please Note:  If you have already been awarded "Fan of the Month", you have not been observed in this category, as you have already been praised. :)
   Want to see previous standard winners? Click here.

1   Millicent Geras
2   Aimee Bisantz
3   Sandy Pilarski
4   Paul Flores
5   Mmadluv7

6   Katrina Gurley-Chase
7   Sinead Clements
8   Nicole
9   Jay Parker
10 Beverly Francis