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Personal Statistics
Age Range: 20-39

(No Photo Available.)

I have been a Lucy fan for
5-15 years

I have seen
Over 100 episodes of "ILL"

I have not been to Jamestown, New York (Yet).

Of the following episodes:-"Lucy Is Enceinte" -"Lucy Does A TV Commercial" -"Job Switching" -"Lucy's Italian Movie"
my favorite episode is: "Lucy Does A TV Commercial".

I can most relate to
Lucy Ricardo

I can most relate to Lucy.  Even though she did some pretty crazy things, she always had her heart in the right place.


I was 8 years old (I'm 21 now).  I started watching her over the summer
vacation and haven't stopped since.  Her comedy completely hooked me!

My Favorite Lucy Object is
I have a set of four "I Love Lucy" videos with three episodes each.  I watch them every time I need my spirits lifted and it never ever fails.

How often am I online for Lucy?

Other TV Shows I Like
Friends, Roseanne (re-runs), The X-Files

Why me? I have been a fan for most of my life!  "I Love Lucy" is really one of the very few
things that can cheer me up.  It always puts me in a good mood!  Lucille Ball was a genius (and I am willing to argue this against anyone!)  :-)

Would I change my name to Lucille Ball?  Maybe!


I like reading, music, amusement parks, and catching the Nick at Nite ILL reruns at 1am on the weekends.

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