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   William Frawley, most popularly referred to by the world as "I Love Lucy's" Fred Mertz, was born on February 26, 1887 in Burlington, Iowa, USA.
   He died on March 3rd, 1966 in Hollywood, California after suffering a heart attack.
   Before the success of "I Love Lucy", William, as known as 'Bill' starred in many films and small productions, including vaudeville. His many character roles in his many films were what persuaded Desi Arnaz to hire him for the role of Fred Mertz.

   The role of Fred Mertz was not expected to be played by Bill at all. The producers knew that he had a drinking problem, and assumed that he would not be responsible enough for the job. The more they said this, the more Desi was determined and interested in getting Bill the role.
   They finally made a deal, and he was signed onto the cast of "I Love Lucy". He always knew his lines, although he never knew anybody elses, and he was one of the best loved characters on the show.
   His onstage relationship with co-star Vivian Vance [as Ethel Mertz] was just as rocky as it was off-stage. They did not get along very well, and continued to criticize each other off and on throughout each season of working together. The beginning of  "I Love Lucy" was the worst time for them to get acquainted with each other, but as time progressed, they both calmed down and learned to work with each other, despite the ongoing fusion and large difference between their ages.

   He continued to play Fred Mertz until 1960 when he went on to spend five years on the television series 'My Three Sons'.
   William Frawley was married once to Edna Louise Broedt from 1914-1927, but they were divorced and he never married again.
   Dead at the age of 79, the world still remembers him as one of the greatest co-stars on a television series. His 'cheapskate' character on the show will always be remembered, as he was an asset to the show, and helped make it as successful as it was, is, and will ever be.
   William Frawley was buried in the San Fransisco Mission Cemetary. Click here for a picture and some information from

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