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Most fans understand that Lucille Ball has been popular as 'Lucy Ricardo' in I Love Lucy, however, this star began her career with bit parts and starring roles in many various pictures (mostly 'B' graded) with such studios as RKO, MGM and Columbia. LEFT Lucy as a Goldwyn Girl c. 1930s.

   Her film work reflected her young talent and encouraged her capability to perform comedic sketches and roles, as well as dramatic parts in a variety of musicals, comedies and dramas.
   Her most genuine roles came within her early years of experience in films, and her most loved by fans include her roles with husband Desi Arnaz in "The Long Long Trailer", as well as "Forever Darling".
   Lucille also contributed cameo and small roles in other films which included other celebrities. For instance, her contributions in "Room Service" with the Marx Brothers had boosted her reflection as a comedienne.
   The many times we see Lucy on television, it may be difficult to compare both images of television and film acting. Lucy's later film roles were customized to fit her characteristics at the time, and she joined other celebrities and old friends, including Bob Hope, to recreate sparks that may have existed before.
   Bob Hope and Lucille Ball have been in several films and television experiences. They were an extremely compatible, working team. Their films include such comedies as "Critic's Choice" [1963], and "Fancy Pants" [1950].
   Lucille may have been the biggest star in television, however, her contributions to early films and Hollywood have been as genuine as possible.


   Lucille Ball began acting in films when she came to Hollywood as a Goldwyn Girl. Another girl's parents would not let their daughter go, so an extra spot to fill became Lucy's spot.
   When she came to Hollywood, she bought a small home for her family to live in and began working for fair wages, sometime even being offered more than usual for her status.
   Lucille started working at RKO studios, making radio pictures. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz would later buy RKO and transform it into what was known as Desilu Studios, and presently Desilu, too.
Although her discouraging experiences from former acting schools existed, she was never discouraged by these false facts. Her ambition was great and her first roles were a landmark for the most popular actress of all time.
   The first small selection of Lucille Ball films only consisted of bit and small parts on her part. Some of them had her as a Goldwyn Girl, and others were fairly introducing her talents.
   Some of her roles were even uncredited. For instance, a film like "Nana" would feature her in such a small role. Her work, however, increased over the years and she continued to work for several studios.
Larger roles came within the first few years of her engagement with movie acting, however, most of the films she starred in had 'B' recognition.
   A film, "Too Many Girls" had united Lucille and husband Desi Arnaz, after he had starred in the Broadway version.
   Lucille had met Desi Arnaz during the completion of "Dance Girl, Dance". Desi remembers her entering the casting room in a won out costume with a mixed up face and thinking how terrible she looked. When Lucy finally changed into better clothes and fixed herself up, Desi didn't even recognize her. This became a long time relationship and successful careers for the both of them.
   Lucille continued to make films until she died in 1989, but she will probably be most recognized and popular for her television work.