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Beginning "I Love Lucy" was definitely no easy task.  The crew was most important at this time, as many decisions had to be made. Desi Arnaz, a hard worker behind the scenes, made sure that everything was in place, and Lucy made sure the script was presented through television just fine.

The writers for the series were incredibly interesting in a sense that they provided the many wonderful plots for the show.
Also working with Lucy on the radio show "My Favorite Husband",
Jess Oppenheimer, Bob Carroll Jr., and Madelyn Pugh-Davis were a hard working team behind the scenes.
Often analyzing many of their ideas and questioning Lucy and Desi on their approach to the shows were just a small fraction of their hard work. They were extremely hard-working writers, preparing scripts for 39 shows within the first season.
Their hard work did pay off, as they had the ability to write visually and to work well with those around them.

From left to right: Jess Oppenheimer, (Lucille Ball), Madelyn Pugh-Davis, and Bob Carroll Jr.

The first director for the series (1951/52) was Marc Daniels. He decided to separate each show into three parts in order to enable movement, preparation and production setups. The following year in 1952, Bill Asher [above] took over the directing spot for the second season, switching the show to two major parts, and the show would later return to three. Asher became the director until 1955.
Despite the number of parts, the director was not the only main figure in I Love Lucy's success - one of the hardest workers was Desi Arnaz, who had a position as the executive producer, but often had 'occupational fights' and competition with fellow executive, Jess Oppenheimer. Behind the scenes, the show was all hard work and determination, which made it the big success it is today.

The make-up used throughout each season of the show was Max Factor, popular at the time. Max Factor's brother-in-law, Hal King, was actually the make-up artist for the show.

Above: Lucille Ball and director Bill Asher.

Lucy's wardrobe was usually designed by Elois Jenssen, who created a universal wardrobe for the 'Lucy' character. She usually created unique dresses and sometimes pant suits. If one should compare the outfits Lucy wore in I Love Lucy and The Lucy Desi Comedy Hours (which were not by Elois Jenssen), they would definitely notice a difference. Elois' designs were much more elegant than those of the other designer.
Lucy's clothes were not trend-setter, however, they were designed to match her personality, and roughly just hers…
   Other sources for wardrobe, especially for the first season, was a store called
Ohrbach's. In the later seasons, especially during the Lucy Desi Comedy Hours, Lucille Ball had a new designer and a new wardrobe:

Above: Lucille Ball's wardrobe designer, Elois Jenssen.

Dann Cahn and Bud Molin were the editors for the show. They were responsible for preparing a rough cut. The grip crew would have to prepare new sets for the following week of filming and in the future, Desilu sounds would be edited from the live audience onto the film for television.
While watching any
Lucy Desi Comedy Hour episode, one may notice that laughs from an audience are present, even when nothing is going on. The LDCH's were, in fact, not filmed before any live audience, unlike I Love Lucy.
Sounds from the audience were taped and used over many times for the editing of several episodes.
If you listen closely, you may recognize certain same laughs in several different episodes...

Above: Editors Dann Cahn and Bud Molin.

Conducting the Desi Arnaz Orchestra for the show was Wilbur Hatch. The introduction and conclusion music was pre-recorded, obviously, however, during recording sessions or live occurrences of music, Hatch was within the Tropicana set with the band. Desi got his turn to lead when the scene evolved around him, usually at the Tropicana Nightclub.
Often appearing on several "I Love Lucy" episodes as Desi's piano player was a good friend of Desi's, Marco Rizo. A talented piano player, he was a devoted friend to Desi and the Arnaz family and remained within Desi's band for many years.