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  • Meet The People
Directed by:  Charles Reisner
Cast:  Dick Powell, Virginia O'Brien, Bert Lahr
Lucy's Character:  Julie Hampton
Summary:  A former entertainer attempts to re-furnish the glam and bliss of her career.
BELOW Lucille and Dick Powell in
Meet the People.


  • Dance Girl, Dance
Directed by: Dorothy Arzner
Cast:  Maureen O'Hara
ABOVE Lucille Ball in
Dance Girl, Dance

  • The Marines Fly High
Directed by: George Nichols
Cast: Chester Morris, etc.


  • Without Love
Directed by:  Harold Bucquet
Cast:  Spencer Tracey, Katharine Hepburn, Keenan Wynn
Lucy's Character:  Kitty Trimble
Summary:  He wants space to work - she has a big house. She wants to help the war effort - he has connections. They both marry for their own priorities but later realize that their companionship is more than just a simple convenience. Lucille's acting in this film was appraised.

  • Abbott and Costello In Hollywood
Lucille Ball has a cameo role in this film with Abbott & Costello, then a Hollywood reigning comedy team.

  • Two Smart People

  • Lover Come Back

  • The Dark Corner
Directed by:  Henry Hathaway
Cast:  Mark Stevens, Clifton Webb, Cathy Downs
Lucy's Character:  Kathleen
Summary:  Her falsely accused boss is within many conflicts, so Kathleen assists him through them.

  • Ziegfeld Follies
Directed by:  Roy Del Ruth and Lemuel Ayers
Cast:  all star, etc.
Lucy's Character:  a cat tamer
Summary:  A musical film based on the past escapades and entertainment of the Ziegfeld Follies. An all-star cast at the time included such stars as Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. Also playing a small part in an act in this film was William Frawley, who would soon work with Lucy and company with "I Love Lucy".

  • Easy To Wed

  • Lured
Directed by:  Douglas Sirk
Cast:  George Sanders, Charles Colburn
Lucy's Character:  Sandra Carpenter
Summary:  Sandra is hired to lure and catch a killer through a newspaper column, through which he regularly finds his victims.

  • Her Husband's Affairs

  • Sorrowful Jones
Directed by:  Sidney Lanfield
Cast:  Bob Hope, William Demarest, Bruce Cabot
Lucy's Character:  Gladys O'Neill
Damon Runyan (The Big Street) directs once again, with Lucy and longtime good friend Bob Hope.
ABOVE Lucille in
Sorrowful Jones.

  • Miss Grant Takes Richmond
Directed by:  Lloyd Bacon
Cast:  William Holden
Lucy's Character:  Ellen Grant
Summary:  A fake real estate owner hires a dumbfounded secretary in order to keep his betting schemes safe and hidden.

  • Easy Living

  • You Can't Fool Your Wife
Directed by:  Ray McCarey
Cast:  James Ellison, Robert Coote, Virginia Vale
Summary:  Lucille Ball gets double the laughs when she plays dual roles in a delightful comedy about marriage, suspicion, and a meddling mother-in law. Clara and Andrew Hinklin's (Lucy and James Ellison) five year marriage ends up on the rocks when Andrew arrives home at 3 a.m. with an alibi that is less then flawless. Much to the delight of Clara's mother (Emma Dunn), who has been sitting in the parlor rocking chair ever since the wedding (and is responsible for much of the trouble in the first place), the couple separates. Then, unknown to each other, Clara and Andrew both attend a masquerade ball and, although disguised, renew their acquaintance and rekindle their love. And mother gets her just rewards.
(from Turner Home Entertainment)

  • Too Many Girls
(based on a broadway play - Too Many Girls)
Directed by: George Abbott
Cast: Richard Carlson, Ann Miller, Eddie Bracken, Frances Langford
Executive Producer: Harry E. Edington
Screenplay: John Twist
Summary: Lucille Ball and
Desi Arnaz met on the set
of this film in 1940 and
the rest is history.
As for this story, it
concerns one Connie
Casey (Lucy), a madcap
heiress who attends
a small town college with
intentions of putting it on
the map.
Accompanying her onto campus are four bodyguards who, unknown to everyone but Connie, are actually Eastern football stars. With their help, the small college's football tam has never played so well! Ann Miller and Frances Langford are Connie's college chums, and Desi appears as a Latin dancer. Based on a successful stage musical,
Too Many Girls features tunes by Rodgers and Hat and appearances by comedian Eddie Bracken and bit-player Van Johnson. (from Turner Home Entertainment)

  • Look Who's Laughing
Directed by: Allan Dwan
Cast: Edgar Bergen
Edgar Bergen has a ventriloquist role in this comedy - Lucy plays Julie Patterson.

  • A Girl, A Guy and a Gob
Directed by: Richard Wallace
Cast: George Murphy
Lucy plays a crazy stenographer in this comedy about a girl, a guy and someone getting between them.

  • Valley Of The Sun
Directed by: George Marshall
Cast: Dean Jagger, James Craig
  • Seven Days' Leave
Directed by: Tim Whelan
Cast:  Vic Mature
Lucy plays Terry.
  • The Big Street
Directed by: Irving Reis
Cast: Henry Fonda
Lucy was proud with her acting in this dramatic film about a paralyzed woman, however the critics did not like it very much. Lucy stars with Henry Fonda.

  • Thousands Cheer
  • DuBarry Was A Lady
Directed by: Roy Del Ruth
Cast: Gene Kelly, Red Skelton
Lucy is up at the top with top comedian Skelton and top dancer Kelly. Lana Turner and Tommy Dorsey also make appearances in this film.
  • Best Foot Forward
Directed by: Ed Buzzell
Cast: Will Gaxton
Lucy has a singing part in this musical, obviously, her voice was dubbed once again, by Gloria Grafton.